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 City Services

 arrowBlue Access MV 24/7 
Contact the City with requests, questions, and concerns, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

 arrowBlue Animal Services 
Lost pets, pet adoption, pet licensing...

 arrowBlue City Council 
More information on the Mission Viejo City Council, meetings, and commissions.

 arrowBlue City Directory 
City directory and e-mail.

 arrowBlue City Forms and Publications 
A comprehensive list of important forms and publications.

 arrowBlue City Hall 
Find out about City Hall information and directions.

 arrowBlue City Organizational Chart 
View more information about Mission Viejo's organization.

 arrowBlue Employment Opportunities 
View more information about employment opportunities.

 arrowBlue Licenses and Permits 
Business licenses, filming permits and more.

 arrowBlue Municipal Code 
View the City of Mission Viejo Municipal Code.

 arrowBlue MVTV 
Watch council meetings online with meeting minutes.

 arrowBlue Planning and Development 
Land use policies, zoning, building and other regulations.

 arrowBlue Community View / GIS 
Provides detailed information about properties from a geographic perspective.

 arrowBlue Fire Services 
Providing fire prevention, suppression, and emergency services.

 arrowBlue Police Services 
Protecting citizens, enforcing laws and preventing crime.

 arrowBlue Public Services 
Fields, Parks, Slopes, Trees, and Street maintenance.  Graffiti Removal.

 arrowBlue Public Works 
Community View / GIS, traffic information, and more.

 arrowBlue Recreation and Community 
Parks, fitness centers, and other public facilities.

 arrowBlue Online Services 
Mission Viejo city services online!

Other Services

 arrowBlueGas and Electric






 arrowBlueFlood Insurance




 arrowBlueTrash/Hazardous Waste

 arrowBlueVector Control





 Mission Viejo Television (MVTV) 

Watch council meetings online with meeting minutes!