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Animal Services

Terrific Tula needs a new home

Tula, the cinnamon-and-black tortoiseshell kitty, is long awaiting her forever home.  Tula is one of the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center’s longest residents at no

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Cuddly Calico available to loving person or family for $20

Luna Belle is a 3-year-old Calico cat who is just as sweet as she is beautiful.  Though not the most active cat, Luna Belle is still extremely curious about her surroun

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Adopt sweet Elodie for $20

Meet Elodie, a big, beautiful and sweet 2-year-old “shorthair” cat. Her smooth coat and dazzling emerald eyes match her queen-like personality.

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Hot Dog

Help your pets beat the heat

With hot temperatures lingering in the forecast, pet owners are reminded to take the following precautions to keep their animals happy, healthy and safe.

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Max is waiting for his forever home

Max is a sweet 1-year-old neutered American Staffordshire Terrier, otherwise known as a pit-bull mix.   He is extremely outgoing and looks at life as one big adventure.

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