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Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen expected to open this fall

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, known for its Cajun menu and Louisiana-style fried chicken, is expected to open in Mission Viejo this fall.

The 2,360-square-foot eatery with a drive-through replaced the Mission Viejo Rentals building and storage yard that was demolished late last year. Located near Sonic Burgers at 23462 Los Alisos Boulevard, the fast-food restaurant will be the chain’s first south Orange County location.

Stay tuned here for updates or visit for more information.


Great, more traffic. ...
I don't see any modifications being done to plaza parking.

Great. Another chain restaurant.

Awesome -- Popeye's is the best!! I just hope the food delivery services have noticed this.

WOOHOO!!!! Been hoping Popeyes would come south. Santa Ana is just too far!! Can't wait!!

Love that chicken at Popeye's. This is great. Right now, we have to drive up to Santa Ana to get Popeye's (it's worth the trip). Cannot wait until this one opens.

This is absolutely exciting news!

Hurry...Love thatPopeye chicken.

Oh, yes! Best chicken and biscuits... and red beans with rice! We've been checking up on it's progress when we drive by and want to know WHEN?! When can we get some chicken love in our own back yard?!


Would it be so much to tell us WHEN it will be open? How will I explain this to Colonel Sanders? He doesn't like betrayal.

The City received word that the owner of the new Popeye’s is experiencing delays with electrical systems. They are working with SCE to try and finalize the work and schedule the appropriate inspections. The new projected timeframe for the grand opening is 3-4 weeks. Hang tight Mission Viejo!

We're hoping to open for business November 27th. There will be plenty of parking and drive thru.
Now hiring. All positions open

It’s now November 27th..... did it open today??????

Folks are VERY anxious for it to open! The City just received an update from the owner/manager of the new Popeye's. They are hoping to open on December 20th and said they are stilling working out some electrical issues.

Be sure to put fried chicken livers on the menu just like they do in the deep south Popeyes! Legit is the only way.

December 20?! Thanks for the update, please keep us posted.

Is it still set for December 20TH, I saw the sign was recently (FINALLY) put up on 12/13 around 5pm. I don't think I saw any pavement yet. what's the words? #stayWOKE

The Popeye's owner was at city hall yesterday (Friday, December 15) working on some building permits. He didn't provide an updated opening date, but said he is planning on opening as soon as possible.  It is unlikely to be this month though.

How sad, thanks for the update. I've been dying for some popeyes.

Any update if it is for sure opening on the 20th?

If anyone knows the owner, tell him to get a move on it. My wife is tired of me bringing home KFC. she's even threatening to leave me. haha

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry. Please, Please, Please.

It's 2018, what's the word on the grand opening? Thank you.

come ON now, when is it going to open???

When is the grand opening? It's been way to long. Any updated Info on when the owner plans to open up? We've waited since early December.

Grand opening delayed until spring 2018.

Will Popeye's open by March?

WOW, if they do spring.. that's a year of delays.

Are we there yet? I need something new to bring home. The popcorn chicken at Sonic is 50/50 hit/miss between rubber and awesome. On principle I refuse to eat at KFC ever again. I demo'd the old KFC at La Paz and I still have nightmare's of what I witnessed in the walls and ceiling.

They've gone quite in the updates.. I'm starting to get worried. long does it take to pour concrete? Looks like the parking lot is moving along s-l-o-w-l-y. When, oh, when will the chicken love begin?!

The new Popeye's owner is anticipating opening within the next two months during Spring of 2018. They are in the final stages of construction and hope to be open and making chicken very soon.

So happy to see a Popeye's Chicken opening up in South Orange County! We've driven to the Santa Ana location a few times to get our spicy chicken fix but traffic is bad. Can't wait for this location to open! We'll be regular customers.

Hello City Staff,
you mentioned NEW OWNER? is that part of this delay. That this location has changed ownership and all the electrical issues? On the positive.. 2months isn't that long.

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