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Fiber Feasibility Study


The City of Mission Viejo has partnered with Magellan Advisors to conduct a Fiber Feasibility Study Report. The purpose of this study is to determine the City’s approach to expand broadband in the community.

This study will: 

  • Define the City’s strategic goals, objectives and roles of deployment for broadband network services;
  • Develop an understanding of community-wide need for fiber-based broadband; 
  • Document fiber-based broadband demand in the City that leverages the City’s existing relationships with local businesses and stakeholder.
  • Assess the feasibility of using existing right of way, existing and new conduit pole lines and other assets to reduce the cost of FTTP deployments throughout the City;
  • Determine the benefits that a fiber network would provide in terms of economic development, education, healthcare, municipal government and the quality of life of its constituents, residents and visitors;
  • Determine how a fiber network could create added-value through economic efficiencies and cost reductions
  • Determine the most feasible options to gain consensus on the path forward to achieve the City’s goals.

Expected completion of phase 1 is June 2017.