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Featured Pets



Sharpie is a 3 year old Schnauzer, Chinese Shar Pei mix. This is not a mix you hear about very often, which is what makes Sharpie so unique! She’s got the face and coat  of a Schnauzer, but she’s got a hint of Shar Pei in her ears, and she even has the purple tongue of a Shar Pei. This mix makes her one of the cutest little dogs around; perfectly compact with a short coat and soulful eyes.

Her personality is the perfect mix of both breeds as well.  Active, smart, and spirited like a Schnauzer, Sharpie loves to go on walks and would make a great little work out partner. And like a Shar Pei, she will be steadfastly devoted to her loved one, but she can also be a little stand-offish and aloof towards strangers. Still a little unsure of the big world around her, Sharpie seems to be searching for a stable place to let her true, loving spirit show. Sharpie would be happiest in a quiet home, perhaps with another dog, but probably without young children.  


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