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Featured Pets


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Reeca, a 5 year old female brown tabby, is a very special cat because she is blind in her right eye.  The veterinary ophthalmologist examined her eye and determined that she probably had an injury at some prior point in her life that caused her to be non-sighted in that eye.  She absolutely does not let her disability affect her, though!  She is probably one of the friendliest cats that you will ever meet.  She adores everyone and loves attention.  She just needs to find someone who overlooks her difference and realizes that she is truly a beautiful gem.  Meet Recca at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center.  Her adoption fee will only be $20 for an approved applicant.


The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is located at:

28095 Hillcrest, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

For more information, call 949-470-3045.