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Featured Pets   




Buddy is a handsome 6-year-old Jindo who was brought to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center after his owner unexpectedly passed away. When he first arrived at the shelter, it was clear Buddy was scared and grieving the loss of his best friend.

Mission Viejo Animal Services Center staff spent days working with him to help regain his confidence, and slowly Buddy began to trust again. He has since come out of his shell and is a well-behaved, loving and playful dog. He enjoys running around the yard playing with tennis balls and squeaky toys. He has been working on his leash manners and is doing very well.  Buddy enjoys learning new tricks.  He is smart, loyal, independent and extremely affectionate once he knows you. He would do best in a home with older children (or none) and would prefer to be the only pet.

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Treble was given up by her longtime owner because she is undergoing several rounds of major surgery and she can’t physically care for her anymore. Treble is a very loving ten year old cat. Since cats can live to be in their twenties, she still has a full life ahead of her.  Unfortunately she faces some slight obstacles while at the shelter, the first being that she is a black cat which are typically the last to be adopted at shelters. Which is odd, because black cats are usually the friendliest –like Treble! She also has Alopecia, which just means she over grooms herself, causing some thinning fur, mostly in her hind area . Right now the fur is slowly growing back, but stress does make it worse, so the shelter environment is not the best place for her. She has been to the vet and has a full checkup and passed with flying colors! Treble is also spayed, microchipped and vaccinated, all she needs is her new family!



The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is located at:

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