Featured Pets

Featured Pets   



Ruby is a gorgeous and sweet 2 year old Labrador Retriever mix.  She is truly man’s best friend, as she is happiest when she is engaged with everyone around her. Ruby is very active and would benefit from a family that can provide her with exercise both physically and mentally.  She would make a great hiking partner! What better way to explore all of nature’s beauty then with your new loyal friend by your side?  Ruby has a strong desire to please which makes her very trainable, and she already knows several commands. Because of Ruby’s dependable good nature and love for human companionship, she will fit into almost any family.  She has lived with older children and another dog in the past, although we do recommend she meet every member of the household prior to adoption. Come down to the shelter today and ask to meet our precious gem, Ruby, today! Watch Ruby's video.



Red, a 10 month old Chihuahua mix, was given his name because of the red hue of his coat, but it could just as well have been because of his fiery love of life!  Although small in stature, Red has the heart of lion, brave and confident.   He takes on all of life’s adventures without hesitation.  Although his activity level may be a bit much for some, he will fit in perfectly with a family who is equally as fun-loving and spunky!  Red would love an active family with older kids where he would be welcome to join them in all of their outings.   Come meet Red, and fall in love with his curly tail, his floppy left ear, and his exultation of spirit!




Pablo is a 3 year old male Chihuahua. In Spanish, the name Pablo means small and humble, and this describes him perfectly. Weighing in at only 8 pounds, Pablo has a gentle personality and a real sweetness about him. Chihuahuas make great companion dogs because they form such strong bonds with their owners. Since Pablo is extremely affectionate and enjoys attention, we believe that he will be typical of the breed and will bond firmly with his new family. He also seems to enjoy the company of other dogs, so he would probably love a little canine brother or sister! Pablo can be quite playful and would make a great little walking partner as well. Meet Pablo today! Watch Pablo's video.




Bella is a sassy and sweet 1-year-old gray tabby. She came to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center as a stray and has been waiting too long for her forever family.
Bella would prefer a quiet home where she can relax, nap and wander around the house at her leisure. She loves to look at birds through windows but doesn’t particularly like other cats. Bella is not sure how she feels about dogs, so a home where she can be the only child is preferable. Bella loves to be the center of attention but also enjoys her alone time. This cat fits the meaning of her name – beautiful – to a T and has been overlooked for too long.


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