Featured Pets

Featured Pets




Missy is a 7 year old stunning calico cat. Her long, soft hair and unique color pattern makes her exceptionally beautiful.  Like any classic beauty, Missy will make you fall in love with her and then demand your attention on her terms.  She is independent, confident, quirky and a bit moody a times.  But that won’t stop her from loving you. She will show her affection by rubbing against your legs and may even cozy up on your lap. Missy also enjoys play-time, especially chasing lasers. Trends come and go, but a classic beauty like Missy never goes out of style.


Jennafur FP 

Jenna-Fur is a young and vibrant pit bull who is full of love and is eager to please. A true sweetheart through and through, Jenna easily puts to rest any negative stereotypes about her breed. She would thrive with an owner who can match her boundless energy and who will provide her with plenty of exercise and structure. Since she is young and muscular, Jenna would be a great running or hiking companion. Though bold and energetic, Jenna responds well to commands and will also go home with a training package to ensure good behavior in her new home.

Jenna has a discounted adoption fee of only $20 to an approved applicant.


Manny_FP Manny_FP2

There is an old saying that good things come in small packages, and five year old Manny fits this description perfectly.   At just over 10 pounds, Manny is a stocky little Chihuahua pug mix who has a huge personality and plenty of spunk.  He enjoys his walks, loves giving kisses, and has a permanent smile on his little face.  With his charming attitude, Manny has won over the hearts of the staff and volunteers; he is sure to win over your heart as well!


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