Featured Pets


Featured Pets   



Alex is a corgi/pug mix who, like a ‘low rider’ car, has a unique look.  Although he cruises low to the ground, his short legs don’t slow him down, and he is full of energy! He’s a sporty little dog who would make a great addition to any home.  He would love to zip around with some kids or maybe another dog as well. His tan exterior is fetching and sleek. He comes with many accessories such as vaccinations, microchip, flea control and he is neutered! Come meet this limited addition canine and take him for a spin!

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Oliver & Simba

OS_FP OliverSimba

Oliver and Simba are beautiful 2-year-old long-haired siblings. These cats are both extremely sweet and calm. They came to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center very shy but have both blossomed into wonderful cats.

Oliver is white and grey with gorgeous light-green eyes. Simba sports the same stunning eye color, which complements his cream-and-white colored coat. These siblings have bonded and would love to find a quiet home together.

Don Draper


Don Draper, a 5 year old male, is a very mellow, loving cat.  Unlike most cats, Don Draper LOVES to have his belly rubbed.  For cats, letting a person rub their tummy indicates a deep level of trust.  A cat's underside is a vulnerable area that they want to protect.  Most cats, when lying on their backs, will attack your hand if you attempt to pet an exposed belly.  However if they allow you to touch that area, it conveys happiness, comfort, and that they trust you to be gentle and kind with a vulnerable part of themselves.  Don Draper trusts people and enjoys their attention, so he would make the perfect match for someone looking for a  gentle lap-cat. 


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