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Mission Viejo City Council votes to support the U.S. Constitution, State Constitution and traditional ‘Rule of Law’

The Mission Viejo City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved two actions in support of local control of public safety. The Council joined the amicus brief that supports the federal government’s contention that federal law preempts contrary state laws and adopted a resolution in support of the Los Alamitos City Council’s bid to opt out of the California law which prohibits local law enforcement from full cooperation with lawful federal authority. 
The Council voted to support the ordinance approved in Los Alamitos earlier this month which asserts laws that are inconsistent with controlling federal laws should not apply to California cities. The Council ordered the City to join in the amicus brief supporting a federal lawsuit filed against certain recently adopted California laws. The lawsuit addresses parts of three California laws that are intended to establish procedures that appear preempted by federal law.
The California Values Act prohibits local law enforcement officials throughout the state from asking about immigration status. It also bars local authorities from holding undocumented immigrants in jails until federal authorities can pick them up and regulates the businesses for cooperating with federal officials.
The Mission Viejo City Council believes this legislation is a threat to both local control of businesses in the state and the individual liberty and public safety because it prevents law enforcement from performing their duties as necessitated by local circumstances.