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Save the date for Marguerite Aquatics Complex Re-Opening Celebration April 7

“Continuing Mission Viejo’s Olympic Tradition,” the Marguerite Aquatics Complex will make a historic splash for its Grand Re-Opening Celebration on Saturday, April 7.

Ushering in a new chapter of our City’s swimming and diving legacy, the event will give the community a chance to meet past, present and future Olympians as well as enjoy synchronized diving and splash time. Families will enjoy an inflatable aquatic obstacle course as well as activities and tours of the newly renovated 45-year-old center.  The complex will feature the only 45-foot-tall dive tower with doublewide platforms in Orange County, making it the sole facility on the West Coast capable of hosting synchronized diving competitions.

Opening ceremonies are from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with a host of activities taking place from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 27474 Casta Del Sol.

Stay tuned for more information leading up to this momentous celebration.


FANTASTIC! Won't miss it! Our family is anxiously awaiting this exciting grand re-opening and festivities.

Congratulations on the Re-Opening of Marguerite Aquatics Complex

Best wishes for your success.

Fairfield Inn Mission Viejo

Congratulations on the Grand Re-Opening of the Marguerite Aquatics Complex. We wish you all much success.

The Ayres Suites Mission Viejo

Concerning the reopening of the Marguerite Aquatics Center of Mission Viejo on Saturday April 7, 2018. As a member of the Mission Viejo YMCA, we were informed the YMCA will be closed April 7, 2018 to give the attendees of the reopening of the Marguerite Aquatics Center more parking spaces. We were informed as the owner of the property the Mission Viejo YMCA sits on, the City of Mission Viejo requested the YMCA to close.

That is akin to a landlord who having a party, unethically and illegally requesting a renter of a property said landlord owns, to leave that property for a day because the owner wants to use the driveway for his or her quests to park. The same ethical question and level of coercion exists in that situation as when a boss applies pressure on a subordinate to have sexual relations. The subordinate feels pressure to oblige out of fear of losing her job. In this case, the leasee feels the pressure to oblige the lessor out of fear of losing the lease when the time comes for renewal. This very scenario was discussed by the employee who announced the closing to the class, and an attorney who was working out in the weight room I discussed this issue. Neither of them felt this was a problem in their minds, but they are forgetting what the C stands for in YMCA.

Those types of apathetic accepting of corrupt behavior attitudes are not becoming of a Christian, The City of Mission Viejo, or the leadership at the Mission Viejo YMCA.

One of the problems is nobody bothered to ask the members, who will be robbed of a day of using the facilities they pay for, if they agreed to the closing, nor was any compensation offered. That is a abuse of authority on behalf of the Mission Viejo YMCA because the closing did not involve an emergency repair or special holiday. It is equivalent to stealing as well. The stealing of one day out of thirty days from hundreds of members that normally use the YMCA throughout the day on Saturday.

Did the City of Mission Viejo or the Mission Viejo YMCA consider these issues? Apparently not, or they figured since they were in a position of power, it was alright to bully and abuse the members this way, many of whom are voters in Mission Viejo.

Parking problems associated with the Marguerite Aquatics Center patrons is a long ongoing problem. Every time they have an event, their overflow quests feel no guilt about parking in the YMCA parking lot inconveniencing the paying customers of the YMCA. The City of Mission Viejo is aware of this but does nothing to stop it.

Closing the YMCA on April 7, 2018 to allow parking for the reopening of the Marguerite Aquatics Center send s a clear message on several levels that will encourage the abuse of the YMCA parking and it’s paying members with the blessing of the City of Mission Viejo. This also shows encourages the abuse of power and corruption by city officials and opens the door to class action law suits from members of the Mission Viejo YMCA.

The Marguerite Aquatics Complex has been under renovation for roughly 18 months and we are excited to re-open it to the community with this Grand Re-Opening Ceremony on April 7. There has been a lot of interest in the facility by our community and many are anxious to finally see the finished product. As a result, we are expecting a large turnout with thousands of people attending the event. In preparation for this large turnout by the community we have developed a traffic and parking plan which includes offsite parking options and free shuttles. Months ago the City reached out to multiple neighboring businesses and organizations to make them aware of the grand re-opening event. During this time we asked if we could use a portion of their parking lot to help us accommodate the amount of people traveling to the event. In speaking with the YMCA they wished to be a good community neighbor and allowed the use of their lot resulting in the closure of their facility for the day.

With this decision they were hoping to limit additional traffic in the area and prevent frustration among their members trying to get to and from the YMCA. It is not uncommon for other agencies in the community to help each other, especially when something of this size is planned and we are thankful to have the YMCA as a community partner. Your claim of bullying them into this decision could not be farther from the truth and lacks support. Perhaps you are unaware that the Aquatics Complex has previously opened their pools for YMCA members when their pools have been closed and have actually facilitated some of their classes. Likewise, the City has cancelled programs and even closed our facilities to accommodate other large community functions recognizing the greater community benefit. Mission Viejo organizations are all about helping each other and we are thankful for the support the YMCA is providing for this exciting event while we know the YMCA appreciates our support of their programs with a $1 per year lease. The YMCA will be participating in the grand re-opening event and we are happy they are able to be part of the day’s activities.

As for future use of the Aquatics Complex by the Nadadores or any other group, the City has worked with them to develop alternate parking plans for their larger meets to limit impacts to the YMCA and surrounding neighborhoods. The Nadadores, City, and YMCA wish to be good neighbors and are putting new plans in place as this facility re-opens. We are hopeful you will see a difference in the way events are conducted in the future.

Lastly, we recognize the importance of staying healthy and fit as this is something the City promotes throughout Mission Viejo. We also recognize this one-time closure may interrupt your fitness regimen. As a result, we would like to offer you some alternatives for April 7th and look forward to sharing these options with you. We've emailed you separately and look forward to your response. We hope you will join us on April 7 as we re-open this state of the art facility to the Mission Viejo community.

Congratulations on the Grand re-opening of the Marguerite Aquatics Complex!! We are excited you are back and wish you all the best for a huge success.

Hilton Garden Inn & Hampton Inn/Foothill Ranch

Congratulations on this long awaited re-opening of the aquatics center!
As a former Nadador during my younger days, and to have an Olympic swimmer as my childhood baby sitter (Brian Godel), it's a thrill to be back here this weekend to visit family, and celebrate a 50th birthday of another childhood friend who grew up here on the tennis courts. Together we watched the legendary Greg Louganis during numerous dive practices. Our tennis coach Norm always tried to refocus our attention on the court, however we all were in awe of Greg, and the other talented divers. What a privilege to grow-up amongst the greats.
Such a nice surprise to be in town this weekend with the surprise of timing of such a grand event.
Looking forward to the opening ceremonies today!

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