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July 2020

July 31, 2020

New Amazon Wishlist!

We are happy to announce that we now have our very own Amazon Wishlist. We are so thankful to have such a giving community willing to help out the homeless animals in our care.

Click here to view our wishlist.

July 30, 2020

Dandelion & Sunflower adopted!


July 29, 2020 

Update on Jeronimo Open Space Coyote-Human Encounter #2

Mission Viejo Animal Services (MVAS) responded to two coyote-biting incidents on July 25 and reported the incident to California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) as is part of wildlife management efforts. MVAS worked in coordination with CDFW in closing the trail and notifying residents of the closure.

CDFW initiated an animal attack investigation, including an effort to identify and remove the offending coyote. The first part of the investigation involved isolating DNA from the offending coyote from bite wounds in both victims’ skin. The second part of the investigation involved an effort to remove the offending coyote, which took place over the last two days. On July 28, CDFW’s Wildlife Forensics Lab in Sacramento conclusively demonstrated that a coyote taken during the investigation was the coyote responsible for both attacks.  CDFW has authority over wildlife within in the state of California and handles these types of cases. https://wildlife.ca.gov/Keep-Me-Wild/Coyote.

The coyote was confirmed to be negative for rabies by OC Animal Care, the agency that provides testing for rabies concerns for the entire county. 

The trail at the Jeronimo Open Space between Pavion and Silleros has reopened, and Mission Viejo Animal Services is reminding everyone that California is natural coyote habitat, and we must know how to safely and peacefully coexist with wildlife. Most interactions are passive in nature and help promote the public’s appreciation for the wild animals that live around us.

For information on living coyote wise, visit cmvas.org.

July 28, 2020

Update on Jeronimo Open Space Coyote-Human Encounter

Mission Viejo Animal Services is dedicated to serving our community and promoting healthy animal-human interactions. On Saturday, July 25, we shared information about a situation that included two encounters with our local coyote population. While both incidents were minor in nature, we still take such incidents seriously and are currently working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).

The CDFW has authority over all wildlife within in the state of California and is responsible for handling these types of cases. Mission Viejo Animal Services (MVAS) reminds everyone that California is natural coyote habitat, and we must know how to safely and peacefully coexist with wildlife. For information on living coyote wise, visit cmvas.org.

The trail at the Jeronimo Open Space between Pavion and Silleros is currently closed. CDFW plans to authorize the reopening of that portion of the trail on Wednesday, July 29.

MVAS is expecting updated information from CDFW regarding the status of the department’s activities in response to this incident. Additional updates will follow as information becomes available.

July 25, 2020

Jeronimo Open Space Coyote-Human Encounter

This morning, two different parties reported coyote bites (to a human) in the Jeronimo Open space. Mission Viejo Animals Services is working with the Department of Fish & Wildlife on this matter and the trails have been closed temporarily. Please be aware and vigilant when you are out on the trails where wildlife is prevalent.


July 24, 2020

SuzieQ will melt your heart

SuzieQ is a 4-year-old domestic short-haired cat. She is a little shy with new people, but once comfortable, she will seek attention. She will let you know when she feels like she’s had enough. SuzieQ enjoys watching the world through windows and loves playing with sparkle pom-poms. 

She will go home with an approved applicant microchipped and with up-to-date vaccines and flea control. She is also part of the cool cats of summer promo, which ends July 31. 


July 23, 3030 

"Mangy Bob" Rescued

Thanks to numerous good-hearted people, Animal Services Officer Stewart was able to safely rescue a sick bobcat residents affectionately called Mangy Bob. Mangy Bob was transported to a local licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility where he was given a medical examination and confirmed he in fact was suffering from mange. If you see sick or injured wildlife, call the shelter at 949-470-3045.

Mangy Bob 3
Mangy Bob 2
Mangy Bob

July 22, 2020

Ramen at home

We are happy to see Ramen is adjusting well in his new home!

Ramen 2

July 21, 2020

Featured Pet - Suzie Q

July 18, 2020

Ramen adopted! 


July 17, 2020 

Legolas adoption update

Hi, Legolas (now Wyatt) is settling in and getting lots of love and attention.

Thank you,
Kim G.

Legolas 4
Legolas 3
Legolas 2

July 16, 2020

Awesome adoption day!

2 animals went to their forever homes! Congratulations to Finn & Udon!


July 15,2020

Olaf adoption update

Good afternoon. We just wanted to say thank you for Olaf (who is now Milo). He is a happy guy and has brought a ton of happiness to us! 

Here are a couple of photos of him. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work that you all do. 

Ted and Susan

Olaf 2

July 14, 2020

Ty adopted!


July 11, 2020 

A great day for adoptions!

Legolas, Molly & Marley adopted today!!


July 10, 2020 

Take steps to keep birds out of your chimney

We are reminding residents to take steps to prevent birds from flying into chimneys after a feathered friend was rescued from a home in Laguna Niguel. 

The resident could hear the little bird trying to fly out without success. When officers arrived, they quickly assessed the situation to see how to rescue the small bird. Since the officers have experience with this type of call, they were able to free the little bird, which flew off.  

Birds and other animals often view chimneys as safe places to nest and avoid predators. However, most homeowners do not want their chimneys turning into nesting grounds. The best way to keep a chimney protected against bird and animal entry is with a chimney cap.

The most common way for birds and other animals to get into your chimney is through an uncapped chimney or damaged chimney cap. Even if the chimney cap has a small hole or crack, most birds can wiggle their way in. 

Click this link for tips on how to keep birds and other critters out of your chimney.

Bird in chimney

July 9, 2020

PJ Adoption Update


A few months ago i adopted my beautiful son PJ. To anyone who remembers him he’s doing amazing. He is literally the smartest and sweetest dog I have ever met and I love him more than anything, and after Covid I will bring him by to say hello to his old friends!! 

Thank you guys so much for helping me find my best friend. 

In case ya’ll wanna see him. (HES HUGE)

Jyles, Mike, and PJ too! 

PJ 2

July 8, 2020

Jimmy success story


Almost 10 years ago, I adopted this baby (Jimmy now Simba) from MV Animal Shelter. Just wanted to share that I absolutely love this cat! He now has two human sisters and we moved to FL :) I figured it would be fun to hear a happy story about how well he is doing 10 years later and I thank you all so much for what you do! 



July 7, 2020

Cool Cats of Summer

Tap this link to check out our special adoption promotion this month during Cool Cat Days of Summer!

July 3, 2020

4th of July Crew

Animal services officers Werner, Rodriguez, Ceballos and Enriquez will be working throughout the holiday keeping our residents and their pets safe. Nicole, our Animal Services Rep, will be dispatching and fielding emergency calls late into the evening. Animal Care Technicians Courtney, Bianca and Julie will be at the center caring for the animals and processing incoming strays. We are here for our community and pets!

4th of July Crew

July 2, 2020

Meet Duncan

July 1, 2020

4th of July Pet Safety