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Districting Maps

Proposed District Plan Original Submission
Plan_A_Reavis Gail Reavis_A
Plan_B_Anonymous Anonymous_B
Plan_C_Anonymous Anonymous_C
Plan_D_Tully Joseph Tully_D
Plan_E_Tully Joseph Tully_E
Plan_F_Tully Joseph Tully_F
Plan_G_Tully Joseph Tully_G
Plan_H_Gilbert Larry Gilbert_H
Plan_I_Gilbert Larry Gilbert_I
Plan_J_Schlicht Cathy Schlicht_J
Plan_K_Schlicht Cathy Schlicht_K
Plan_L_Moore Tom Moore_L
Plan_M_Schlicht Cathy Schlicht_M
Plan_N_McGlinn Jim McGlinn_N

Proposed Staggered Election Cycle

PDF iconStaggered Elections.pdf

Conceptual Map Reflecting 5 Voting Districts

PDF iconMap Z.pdf

Existing Demographics from the Center for Demographic Research at California State University, Fullerton


City of Mission Viejo Districting Public Participation Kit
The City is seeking your help in mapping out what a district-based election would look like. The following links detail how to create potential districts.  The first link “Districting Instructions” describes the two options you have for submitting a district map. The second link “Idea Form” is for you to submit comments/ideas on district elections along with your contact information. The next link “Plan Proposal Submission Map” is for downloading and drawing your map.  The “District Plan Proposal Assignment” is a spreadsheet for creating different scenarios for the districts.

In-person mapping assistance is available at the Mission Viejo Library, 100 Civic Center, or by calling the City Clerk’s Office at 949-470-3052.

PDF iconDistricting_Instructions.pdf
PDF iconIdea_Form.pdf
PDF iconPlan_Proposal_Submission_Map.pdf
PDF iconPlan_Submission_Map_Districts_Parks_Schools.pdf
These communities of interest can assist in mapping activities. Other communities of interest are shown in the City's General Plan available on-line. We have been, and continue, to invite the community to identify other communities of interest that you are aware of or believe may exist and be of significance.
Office spreadsheet iconDistrict_Plan_Proposal_Assignment-Excel.xls




District Election Info

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District Election Information