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Mayor Pro Tem Wendy Bucknum


Council Member Wendy Bucknum was elected to serve as a member of the Mission Viejo City Council in 2014.  She brings a wealth of practical business experience, a history of community involvement, and a solid record of volunteerism.

Council Member Bucknum is a businesswoman who is a champion for City policies that are fair, understandable, cost effective, and good for the economy. She is a mom who partners with schools to give Mission Viejo youth a safe place to learn and a better chance in life. And is a volunteer who understands the unique needs of kids and seniors, and will support programs to serve both.

Council Member Bucknum’s primary goals are to maintain Mission Viejo’s public safety record, create a healthy local business economy, preserve parks and open spaces, to protect Mission Viejo’s schools and neighborhoods, and to maintain and enhance city infrastructure and the community facilities Mission Viejo residents use and enjoy.  

Council Member Bucknum has a strong background in business. Residents of Mission Viejo since 1992, Wendy and her husband Paul have raised their two children in this amazing community.  Over the years, she frequently has been a volunteer in classrooms, for sports teams, and at Mission Viejo Nadadores Swim Meets.  She is a past board member for both the Mission Viejo High School Aquatic Boosters and the Football Boosters, and a past committee chair for Mission Viejo High School Grad Night.

Current Membership Information

Council Member Bucknum serves on the Orange Council of Governments General Assembly (OCCOG), and on the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Governing Board, and Economic and Human Development Committee. In addition, Wendy is a member of the Standing CUSD/Mission Viejo Ad Hoc Committee, the Olympic Ad Hoc Committee and the Housing Ad Hoc Committee.  She is an emeritus member of the California Women’s Leadership Association Board and a member of the Mission Viejo Elks Club and Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce.  Wendy is also a regular participant in communitywide events, such as the Mission Viejo Walk Against Drugs and the Inner Coastal Cleanup Day along Oso Creek Trail.  In addition, she is a long-time member the South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce/Economic Coalition Board, which she chaired in 2013–14.

Previously Held Positions

Wendy has a long history of community involvement.  She served as the Mayor for calendar year 2017, prior to serving on the council, she served four years on the Mission Viejo Community Services Commission and was chair of that commission in 2012.


Term 1 - November 4, 2014

Term expires November 2022

E-mail​ wbucknum@cityofmissionviejo.org

Biography prepared by: Council Member Wendy Bucknum