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Chalk artist using talents to create masks and butterflies

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Maribeth McFaul has been making masks to keep people safe – and now she is spreading joy around Mission Viejo through art. 

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City of Mission Viejo to host Give-and-Take Drive-Through Food Pantry May 2 & 4

In an effort to help residents impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and give others a chance to give back, the City is hosting a Give-and-Take Drive-through Food Pantry in May.

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COVID-19 Senior Resources Guide full of essential information

To ensure older residents have the latest information and resources to help during this coronavirus crisis, the City of Mission Viejo continues to update its


Beware of using unsafe practices in response to COVID-19 crisis

If you think spraying alcohol or chlorine on your body will kill the coronavirus, think again.

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COVID-19 Public Information Hotline closes Saturday

The County is closing its COVID-19 hotline effective Saturday and will instead refer callers to the OC Health Referral Line. 


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