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Building Services

Building Counter Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm - last sign in 3:30 pm.

Counter is Closed from noon to 1 pm - last sign-in before lunch is 11:45 am.

You may contact Building Services for all building related inquiries at bldgservices@cityofmissionviejo.org or (949) 470-3054. To apply for a permit or to submit a plan check for review please visit our building counter for assistance. Please note that Building Services is experiencing a high volume of email inquiries and phone calls, response times may be delayed, but will be returned in the order received.

Building Services is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the uniform codes and related federal, state, and city adopted laws and ordinances. This responsibility includes meeting state mandates to assure all structures meet or exceed the minimum life safety standards of the aforementioned codes, laws, and ordinances. This division assures these standards by providing organized procedures for the reviewing of plans and specifications, field checking construction projects, and investigation of substandard structures for abatement.


This division is provided under contract with the engineering and management consulting firm Charles Abbott Associates, Inc. (CAA) and is administered through the following sections:

Building Division Fee Schedule Effective September 1, 2019

Energy Efficient Measure Fee Waiver Program


The function of the building official with the support of the building services clerical staff. The building official is responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal, state, and City laws and ordinances as they relate to the construction, use, and occupancy of every building in the City. Special projects is also a function of this section. These special projects include the development and implementation of ordinances, programs, policies, and code adoptions.

Building Codes 2019 - The City Council adopts by reference model codes which have been amended by the state for use in California. The City further amends these codes (as necessary) to address specific local climatic, geologic and topographic conditions. These model codes are adopted so that regulatory government may apply their codes consistently and with due process for all those affected. In an effort to further promote uniformity throughout Orange County, the Mission Viejo Building Services Division is a member of Orange County's Coalition for Building Code Uniformity.

Construction Related Fees - Fees for the various functions of the Building Services Division are adopted from the uniform codes through a resolution by the City Council.

Public Counter/Permit Issuance

Building services is responsible for the effective and convenient facilitation of permit processing. This facilitation includes the computer generation of permit applications, processing.

Permit Application

For more information: Building Permit Application (PDF Fillable Form or Print). 

For all other Permits, Forms, and Applications  (Applications for various plan reviews, building permits, alternate methods and materials, unreasonable hardships (disabled access).  Handouts for various types of work, such as patio covers, retaining walls, and water heaters).   

  • Search for Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy
  • PDF documents are provided by the City of Mission Viejo for your convenience. Each document is in a portable document format, or PDF, in order to make the details clear and printable. To view and print the file, you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader, which most browsers already include.
  • If you have trouble downloading the file, or if you'd like to upgrade to Acrobat Reader, obtain the software for free from Adobe's Website.

Timely, Accurate Plan Review

Building services is responsible for providing the timely and accurate review of all plans submitted for construction. The review is essential to assuring compliance with all laws and ordinances relative to construction, use, and occupancy. This service is provided over-the-counter for small projects such as patio covers or swimming pools while more complicated reviews are completed on-site by certified plans examiners with expert back-up by California registered civil and structural engineers.

Same Day Appointment Plan Check Program

Next-Day Building Inspections

Building services is responsible for proper inspection of all construction work to assure compliance with approved plans and laws, ordinances pertaining to construction, use, and occupancy.

Inspection requests must be made online any time before 4:00 PM the day before your request. The permit number, job address, and phone number must be provided for each inspection.

Inspection cancelations are accepted online.

Daily Inspection Run List

Americans with Disability Act

For ADA inquires specific to buildings, building access, and building development, please contact the City's Building Division directly at 949-470-3054.

Assembly Bill No. 3002 Disability Notice

For more information, you may view the City's Accessibility Evaluation Report or ADA Grievance Form.

Contact Us

Call with questions or comments: For Building, call (949) 470-3054 or e-mail bldgservices@cityofmissionviejo.org.