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Success Stories

Success Story - Larry

Submitted by: Donna

Larry is the perfect fit for our family! He is an amazing, well behaved gentle giant. He is so great with the kids and anyone he comes in contact with and enjoys long walks with the family. We can't believe our luck! Thank you Mission Viejo Animal Services for allowing us to adopt him. He is very well loved in our home.
Success Story - Trestles

Submitted by: Brett

We recently adopted Trestles, now King Lou, and he has been a fantastic addition to our family.  Thank you everyone at the MV Shelter for all of your hard work!!!
Success Story - Peanut Butter

Submitted by: Nic & Natalie

We adopted  little Todd yesterday (now named Peanut Butter :) ) and we absolutely love him! He is doing  great and has adjusted so well already. He was nervous on the car ride home, but was so content the moment we put him in his new cage. He immediately started playing with the toys in there, crawling into the little cave, ate and drank, and even ate  strawberries out of our hand. Our dog
Success Story - Poppy

Submitted by: The Berry Family

We are so excited to have Poppy home with us. She is such a sweetie. We are all learning about each other. Our son is in love with her too. She was a little scared at first but once we got home and let her check out the house and the backyard, she made herself right at home.

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Have you recently adopted one of our shelter animals? If so, please send us some information about your new furry family member. Email us your story and pictures so we can share your happy ending. To the families who have adopted one of our pets, we thank you. Words cannot express our gratitude.