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Hello! We adopted Norman in April of 2020. He has adjusted well to our home, and is a huge part of our family, and we love him soooo much! Thank you for everything you do!
So far good. Still a little skiddish. Walking well on a leash. And we have to hand water. He is glued to Jett and pees when she goes. He is precious. We love him. Thank you for all your help.
We adopted Mini on November 8, 2020 and she has been so amazing. She is super well behaved and loves her new bed and toys. Snack times are her favorite. She enjoys her daily’s walks and follows me around wherever I go. She interacts great with my friends while I workout at the gym and she is such a sweetheart with young kids. You guys have made this adoption so pleasant and thank you for giving
We adopted Ozzy from the MV Animal Shelter near the end of August. He's been a joy (and a lot of work) He is very active, loves to cuddle, splash in the water, chase balls, and shred paper. We thought you'd like to see some pics of his daily life. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do!
Chiclet is much loved and we’re thankful to the MV Animal Services Center for processing her adoption. She’s 99% calm and 1% unpredictable, but we’re definitely finding our way as a family. She has nothing, but patience and affection for our kiddos.  
We adopted Mahi (Kiki) a few weeks ago and we wanted to thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have this precious girl in our lives.  She is super active and smart and it feels like she has always been a member of the family. We are so lucky. She loves the stuffed dog (her surrogate sibling) but doesn’t really like the stroller ☹, she wants to run!  so I think she will be
Hello - Meadow is adjusting to her new home - she’s so cute! We had such a great adoption path - great staff all around. The animal tech who helped us through this journey was awesome!!! She loves watch the birds from our master bedroom.
It’s almost the 1yr anniversary of when we adopted Johnny from your shelter. Upon adoption we were told that he was a biter, and not super friendly. I’m so excited to update you guys on how amazing Johnny truly is and has become. Since adopting Johnny he has gotten one dog sister and one cat sister both of which he loves intensely! His human brother who is 4 is also one of Johnny’s best friends
Hello My Furends!  I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but I’ve been settling in my new home.  I’ve been here for a whole week already and I’ve had a lot of fun. 
Hiya! I adopted Aurora and Phillip yesterday, and I've taken a, frankly, embarrassing amount of photos and videos within that time. So here is a day 1 update! :) Also, I renamed them to Luca Aurora Russell and Roark Phillip Russell. I kept the names you guys gave them as their middle names! After my cat, Quaz, passed away a week and a half ago, I was left with a big hole in my heart and I
Dear Everyone at the Mission Viejo Shelter, Thank you to all of you that made my adoption process so lovely! Being in rescue for as long as I have been, I found myself on the opposite end of the adoption process. It was great to have such a nice experience in doing this adoption. I was originally interested in Bernie, but you took the time to tell me what you had learned about him, which as you
Hi All! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to bring this sweet little creature into my life. We adopted Gumball about two months ago and she has brought me so much joy and laughter through this difficult pandemic time. She is so happy to have a dog friend and is always ready to give me cuddles. She gives and receives so much love. As I keep a very close eye on her, I was able to
Hi there! We adopted "Everly" now "Shiloh" from you last Christmas. She is the love of my life and I could not imagine a day without her. I am so incredibly thankful to everyone at the shelter for looking after her until she could come home to us. We had gone and visited 4 dogs, fell in love each time but each time it did not work out. I had given up hope, I began to feel that we were not
It has been 1 month and 11 days!!! she has truly broken into the house and loves her slinky toys and bell toys she's gotten used to being out of the room after 1 month of being locked in it for her stress. She is happy and eating well everything is healthy with her. She has truly shown her little personality she has. love her so much! cant wait to share more photos and videos for you guys on
Hello! We adopted a black kitten named “Dwight" from the Mission Viejo Shelter in December 2019. We named him Pancho and upon brining him home, he found a new best friend in our cat, Bandito. It took him a few months to warm up to our busy home however, I have to say, now that he’s been here a few months, he is one of the most loving cats we have ever encountered. We love him so much!
We adopted Macaron aka Mac (formerly Pick Nick) last mother’s day weekend 5/9/2020. He was named after the French cookie that our daughter fell in love with during our visit to France last March. In a 19-hour whirlwind of driving down from the San Francisco Bay Area to pick him up and then back home was worth it. These past few months he has become very comfortable in his home - he quickly became
Dear Mission Viejo Animal Shelter, In late October of this year, my family got the honor of welcoming Otis into our family. Before we adopted him, Otis had a previous record with his last family for being a “troublemaker". At first this became very evident, as Otis found a way to chew through anything and everything. However after much love and patience, Otis has been an absolute joy. He has
I just wanted to thank you for Me. Smile (now Bruno)! We adopted him in 2017 and we live every minute with him.  Bruno is such a joy to have in our house! By the way, He likes to go shopping with us. Thank you for giving Bruno to us!
Hi There, I wanted to check in and give you an update on "Blakely", the sweet pup we adopted back in May. She is an absolute joy and loves her new forever home. She has taken to our 10-year old dog Harriet, emulating her every move.  They are very playful together rolling around and running in the backyard and taking long walks around the neighborhood.  Thanks for all you do for
We adopted “Mia” now Luna in the beginning of June 2020. We are incredibly in love with her. She is perfect for our family she is our absolute little love!  She is the most perfect family dog (we go so lucky) we obviously weren't expecting anything but I cannot even tell you how perfect she is with little kids. She has actually brought our whole neighborhood together during this time! Our
One year ago this sweet, shy, skittish girl joined her fur-ever family! Pebbles (formerly Pebble), Beans, and Big Chicken are just a few of the names her family lovingly call her.  Since she has joined her family, she is not only little sister to Maxi-girl and Little Bear (both k-9 siblings), she is now big sister to Tigger (feline brother) . Until Tigger joined the crew, Pebbles was a
Hi. Just wanted to update you on Drew's progress now that we have had him for two weeks. We first renamed him Merlyn, but have decided on Max instead. We find Max to be very energetic, playful (seems like he can play forever), and affectionate. He is boisterous in his approach to both people and cats. Unfortunately, his manner can look like aggression, but I think it is mostly enthusiasm. He is
Hi all, Just wanted to send you a quick update.  Photo attached is Greta (Greta Garbo for the black & white movie actress) on her way home.  She got into the car like a pro and proudly sat in the back seat as calm as could be.  Very different than the drive home with Wookie - he was all over the car. Stopped by McDonald's and got her some Chicken McNuggets gearing up for
Hi, Legolas (now Wyatt) is settling in and getting lots of love and attention. Thank you.
We just wanted to say thank you for Olaf (who is now Milo). He is a happy guy and has brought a ton of happiness to us! Thanks again and keep up the excellent work that you all do.

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