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Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the Engineering, Transportation, Integrated Waste Management, Water Quality, and Crossing Guard programs.  Public Works reviews development proposals and street improvement plans; manages capital improvement projects and oversees construction work within the public right-of-way; maintains the City's Master Drainage program and flood control systems; oversees water quality programs; manages the design, construction and operation of the City's transportation network; manages the City's solid waste contract and recycling programs; and implements environmental programs.

General Information

2023 Citywide Curb Addressing Program

The City of Mission Viejo has authorized a non-profit organization, Care For The Children, to paint all residential address numbers on all public street curbs within the City.

Care For The Children will provide all materials and labor for the service.  As the City does not pay Care For The Children for this service, Care For The Children will be requesting voluntary donations from residents after the work is completedAll donations are strictly voluntary. You are not required to donate to have your address painted. Curbs will be painted regardless of donations.

Care For The Children is a reputable 501(c)(3) charity based in Santa Fe Springs, California, dedicated to making a positive impact in communities. In this particular effort, it will allocate a percentage of the proceeds to support the local charity, Mission Viejo Community Foundation. To learn more about Care For The Children and their philanthropic work, we encourage you to visit their website at care4thechildren.org and facebook.com/care4thechildren.org.

Care For The Children will collect donations only between 9 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Saturdays, except for City holidays. The collector will be wearing a Care for the Children identification badge with a photograph, and will be wearing a shirt with a logo substantially similar to the one to the below.

To adhere to the City's specifications and guidelines, all address numbers will be painted in accordance with the City's permit requirements. For inquiries regarding the project, or if your address was painted incorrectly, please contact Care For The Children at 888-490-9751 or the City of Mission Viejo Curb Address Painting Hotline at 949-470-8440 for more information.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

For ADA inquiries, please contact the City's ADA Coordinator Heather Campbell at 949-470-8437 or hcampbell@cityofmissionviejo.org. For more information please view cityofmissionviejo.org/departments/finance/ada-statement.

For ADA inquiries specific to buildings, building access, and building development, please contact the City's Building Division at 949-470-3054.

For more information, you may view the City's Accessibility Evaluation Report.

Report Polluters

The City of Mission Viejo is dedicated to preventing the pollution of our creeks and the ocean.  If you see someone dumping anything into the street, gutter, or storm drain that could harm the environment, please report the incident immediately at Access MV 24/7 or 949-470-3056.

Residential Resurfacing

The Residential Resurfacing Program is an annual program for resurfacing public streets in designated residential areas.  Residential streets are resurfaced on a 7-year cycle.  This year's program targets three areas of the City and includes 103 residential streets and the Aliso Creek Bike Trail to be resurfaced in two phases.  Check when your street was last resurfaced by viewing the City's Residential Resurfacing List.

Arterial Resurfacing

The Arterial Highway Resurfacing Program provides for the resurfacing of City arterial streets.  To check when an arterial street was last resurfaced, view the City's Arterial Highway Resurfacing List.

Ferrocarril Geotechnical Reports

Geotechnical Reports
Draft Preliminary Engineer’s Report (Assessment District 08-1, May 2008)
Observation Report (5-31-06)
Preliminary Investigation (9-30-05)

Leighton GHAD Report (10-19-06)
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