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Trash and Recycling Services

Residential Curbside Trash and Recycling Programs

The City of Mission Viejo and its solid waste provider, Waste Management of Orange County, are dedicated to recycling and have developed a comprehensive curbside recycling program that is easy and convenient for the community.  In addition to the trash cart (black lid), each single-family residence has a recycling cart (blue lid) for mixed recyclables and a organic waste cart (green lid) for yard waste and food scraps.

Carts are offered in three sizes:  35, 64 and 96 gallons.  Additional carts are available through Waste Management.  There is no additional charge for recycling and organic waste carts; however, there is a charge for additional trash carts.  For more information, contact Waste Management at 949-642-1191 or wmservice@wm.com or visit Waste Management's website.

Trash Cart (Black Lid)

The following items should be placed in your trash cart:

Bathroom tissues
Disposable diapers
Packing peanuts
Bubble wrap
Pet waste
Soiled aluminum foil

Carpeting, foam padding
Ceramic items
Drinking glasses
Mirrors, window glass, auto glass
Empty paint cans
Empty motor oil cans and containers
Rubber/latex items

Mixed Recyclables Cart (Blue Lid)

Mission Viejo offers a curbside mixed recyclables program.  This means that all recyclables can be placed in the same container for collection.  The material is then delivered to Waste Management's material recovery facility where it is sorted by type.  The following is a list of recyclables that can be placed in the recycling cart.  Please lightly rinse or scrape food residue from containers prior to placing in the cart.

Newspapers, junk mail, magazines
Computer paper, white paper, mixed paper
Anything that tears
Cardboard (flattened)
Telephone books
Cereal boxes (liners removed) and other food boxes
Tissue and soda boxes
Plastic containers labeled #1-7
Plastic water and soda bottles

Glass jars and bottles
Wine and liquor bottles
Soda cans
Metal food and soup cans
Empty aerosol cans
Pie tins

Do NOT place the following items in your recycling cart—put these items in the trash cart (black lid).

Disposable diapers
Pet waste
Soiled aluminum foil
Clothing (or donate these items!)

Ceramic items
Drinking glasses
Mirrors, window glass, and auto glass
Empty paint cans
Empty motor oil cans and containers
Rubber and latex items

AnchorOrganics: Yard Waste/Food Scraps (Green Lid)

The following items should be placed in your organic waste cart.  Place green waste and food scraps loosely in the cart; do NOT use compostable, biodegradable or plastic bags. Food waste can be placed in paper bags or wrapped in paper towels, napkins, or newspaper before being placed in the cart. 

Place in Organics Cart

Do NOT Place in Organics Cart

Food waste/scraps
Soiled paper towels and plates
Greasy pizza boxes
Leaves and weeds
Tree branches
Garden trimmings
Sawdust, wood chips, and small wood scraps

Plastic bags
Pet waste
Palm fronds
Tree stumps
Painted/treated wood

Contact Waste Management customer service at 949-642-1191 for more information.

AnchorBulky Item Collection

Mission Viejo’s trash hauler provides bulky item collection service to residents FREE of charge on their regular trash collection day.  With this service, residents may place up to five large items at the curb for collection three times per year at no additional charge.  Bulky waste includes furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, and other similar items.  Bulky waste does not include items such as car bodies and construction and demolition waste. 

To schedule a FREE bulky item pick up, please contact Waste Management at 949-642-1191.  Please schedule the collection service 48 hours in advance of trash day.

AnchorChristmas Tree Recycling

Mission Viejo's trash hauler collects and recycles Christmas trees for the first three weeks following Christmas (flocked Christmas trees will be collected but cannot be recycled).  This service is provided on the regular trash collection day.  Please follow these easy steps:

  • Remove all decorations including tinsel, lights, ornaments and stands
  • Cut trees taller than six feet (6') in half
  • Place the tree at the curb on your regular service day

For more information, contact Waste Management at 949-642-1191.


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