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Apply for a passport

Get your passport forms, photos, and passport questions answered at the Mission Viejo Library! Passport Acceptance services are by appointment or on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit the Library's Passport Information Page for more detailed information, or call the Library's information line at 949-470-8420.

Change the signage for my business

You must obtain planning approval and a building permit from the City's Community Development Department prior to the installation of any new sign.  Most commercial centers in the City have approved planned sign programs which establish a common theme, incorporating similar design elements in terms of materials, letter style, color, illumination, sign type, and sign shape.  Before purchasing a new sign, please consult with your property manager and a planner from the Community Development Department to review applicable regulations.  For further information, you may contact the Community Development Department at (949) 470-3053.

Get information about Animal Services

For more details on pet licensing, lost pets, pet adoptions, and more, visit the Animal Services FAQ.

Obtain public records

Many public records are available online through the City's Document Management System. Residents may place a Public Records Act request with the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, or through the online form

Register to vote

Residents can register to vote online here or change registration (such as address changes, name changes and/or changes to party affiliation). Paper voter registration forms are also available in the City Clerk's office at city hall. See our election information page for more details.

Report potholes, landscaping issues, or other problems

To report potholes, landscaping issues, burnt-out street lights, or other problems, use our Online Service Request System.

Report graffiti

To report graffiti, please call the Graffiti Hotline at (949) 460-2924, or use our Online Service Request System

Secure a building inspection

Next-day building inspections can be requested over the City's Inspection Request Line at (949) 222-4694. All inspections requested prior to 6:00 a.m. on any working day will be conducted on the same working day. Visit Building Services for more details.

View City records

The City Clerk is the custodian of City records and handles all public requests for information to review public records. Contact the City Clerk at (949) 470-3052.  For convenience, the City provides Documents Online.  If you cannot find the document you are looking for, please fill out an online Public Records Request form.

Volunteer at the Animal Shelter, Library, or Community Center

Visit our volunteer information page to view available volunteer opportunities and submit an application.


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