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2022 OCFA Mission Viejo Employee of the Year is Fire Captain Danny Goodwin

danny goodwin

Fire Captain Danny Goodwin has been named the Orange County Fire Authority's 2022 Mission Viejo Employee of the Year.  

His strong work ethic and commitment to the City has earned him the respect of peers, supervisors, and community members alike.  

Serving the City of Mission Viejo for the last two years, Fire Captain Goodwin makes decisions regarding the supervision of a fire crew engaged in fighting structural, aircraft, wildland or other fires as well as trains crews to fight fires efficiently and safely. In addition, Captain Goodwin has been involved in other essential trainings as Academy Coordinator for the Cadet Academy; FEMA Task Force Search Section Manager; Honor Guard Member; and Large Animal Rescue Section Leader.  

He is known as a proactive leader – and “the model of integrity – who continually works on better, more efficient ways to perform on calls and develop the agency’s training.  

“Danny is the epitome of the idea firefighter … this year he coordinated countywide large animal rescue training that involved multiple agencies and significantly improved our agency’s ability to quickly and effectively respond to incidents involving large animals,” said Battalion Chief Todd Downing.   

The City of Mission Viejo appreciates Captain Goodwin’s exceptional efforts and commitment to his field.  He will be honored by the City Council in January.  

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