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Apply for the City’s Housing Rehabilitation Program

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Have you heard of the City’s Housing Rehabilitation Program? This longtime program helps folks with low to moderate incomes improve their living conditions and extend the life of their homes.
Through the program, Mission Viejo residents can make heating, plumbing and driveway repairs. They can install new roofs, add a new coat of exterior paint to improve the home’s appearance, replace windows and doors and make energy-conservation repairs, among others.
The Housing Rehabilitation Program provides technical and financial assistance to qualifying low-moderate income residents who are owner/occupants of single-family homes in Mission Viejo. People with low and moderate incomes can receive zero-percent financing (up to $25,000) for home repairs. Participants don’t have to pay monthly payments, and the loans are paid back when the home is sold, transfers title, is refinanced or they no longer reside in the home. 
To be eligible for the program, you must be an owner-occupant and live in town. Other program qualifications apply. For information about the program, call 949-470-3026.


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