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Artist and students offering free graphic design support for local businesses


To help businesses during the pandemic, artist and instructor Fernando Del Rosario is offering free graphic design support to small local businesses.

Fernando, a creative director, artist and teacher, teamed up with his visual arts students from Cal State University, Fullerton to provide free creative services to local and small businesses struggling through the pandemic. This past semester, Fernando and his talented students assisted 11 different companies, businesses and organizations by creating content they could upload on their social media platforms. 

“Through their efforts, my students created and designed much-needed advertising and marketing materials to help ensure businesses continue to stay open,” Fernando said. “In return, my students received the experience of applying their skills to real-world scenarios.  In most instances, we created several weeks-worth of free content to use – from store hours and gift certificate promotions to brand awareness and simple communications to stay connected with their customers.” 

Businesses interested in obtaining free graphic design services should visit www.conceptzombie.com/creativeaid.

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