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Caring Fairies move to the Kaleidoscope

flower shop caring fairies

Queen Lily and her family of Caring Fairies have moved from the Oso Creek Trail to the Kaleidoscope at 27741 Crown Valley Parkway. The whimsical display is part of Space in the Gap’s arts and culture programming at the Kaleidoscope. Visit a variety of their featured galleries, including the Mission Viejo Friends of the Arts’ gallery.

The fairies have set up a new village full of shops and fairy homes throughout the entertainment center. They plan to stay a while to spread sparkly cheer to all who visit.

The exhibit is free and open to the public during shopping center hours. For more information, visit https://spaceinthegap.com/thecaringfairies or call 949-470-8440.

Build your own fairy home and invite a fairy to visit you!

Until the popular in-person Magical Fairy Home Workshops can resume in the City of Mission Viejo, Fairyologist Valerie is offering Magical Home Fairy Kits for purchase. With each custom kit, you will receive access to an exclusive workshop video. Email potockipottery6@gmail.com to order a kit.

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