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Dogs rescued from the brink of death now available for adoption


Sweet dogs that nearly starved to death in the San Bernardino home of a hoarder are now healthy and ready for adoption. 

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center worked with another shelter to relocate the dogs to our care where dedicated staff, volunteers and DAWG have been nurturing the dogs back to health. 

Once terrified of people, strange noises, leashes, and new experiences, the dogs now enjoy attention and are learning to walk, play and be normal.  

“We are thrilled to say that they are now ready to find their permanent homes,” said Animal Services Manager Michelle Claud-Clemente.  “Although they still require special attention, we are sure that with love, patience, and consistency, they will continue making improvements every day.” 

If you have it in your heart to open your home to one of these incredibly deserving dogs, visit cmvas.org for more information or call 949-470-3045. You will be rewarded with a lifetime of gratitude from these loving dogs waiting for their forever homes.  

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