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Here’s how to properly dispose of medications, sharps during COVID-19 crisis


If you’re wondering what to do with your unused, expired medications or medical “sharps” during the quarantine, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) developed a campaign for safely disposing medications at home. 

The “Secure Your Meds” campaign calls for simply placing medications into a zip-lock bag; pouring in hot water, kitty litter, dirt or coffee grounds into the bag; and then sealing and mashing the mixture until pills are dissolved. After that, just toss the bag in your trash bin.

In addition, during the pandemic, the 24-hour pharmacy locations listed at this link are serving as medication drop-box sites. Call in advance to check the specific location and time.

For disposing sharps (syringes, catheters, etc.), you can place used and unused sharps in a durable plastic bottle (like a bleach bottle), place the lid on it and take the bottle to the closest Household Hazardous Waste site listed at this link.  

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