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Kuri is a loving, special dog needing a forever home


Meet Kuri, a 6-year-old mixed-breed dog. She is likely a retriever mixed with Shar-Pei or chow, but her personality is all retriever. She is fun, active and loves meeting new people and seems to enjoy other dogs. She was rescued from the El Dorado fire area when our crew was asked to help empty their kennels for evacuees from the fire. 

Kuri has a unique medical condition known as color dilution alopecia, which basically means she has hair loss caused by a genetic mutation. It does not bother her nor require any treatment.  She just has a lot of bare skin instead of a full hair coat. However, this makes her a special dog, which would be perfect for someone seeking a dog that does not shed much. Kuri has a great outlook on life and is just looking for a place where she can share her love. Thanks to DAWG, her adoption fee is only $20 for an approved applicant. 

For more information, visit cmvas.org or call 949-395-4448.

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