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Mission Viejo Animal Services is prepared for the storm — are you?

Mission Viejo Animal Services emergency prep team

Natural disasters impact pets as much as humans; therefore, owners must be prepared to care for and evacuate their pets when necessary. It is critical that everyone in your house, including your pets, gets out safely in the event of a natural disaster. Natural disasters are a frightening situation for humans, but they are far scarier for pets that rely on their owners to keep them safe. As a result, having emergency preparations in place for your pets is critical to ensuring they are able to escape and handle the situation safely.

During the storm, remember to keep your pets indoors and place leashes and pet food in easy-to-remember places. Put together to-go kits with everything your pet needs in case of an emergency (food, leashes, medication, and other items). Having a complete plan in place for large-scale catastrophes could keep your pet from fleeing, being harmed, or overlooked by relief workers.

View our pet emergency kit flier.

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