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Mission Viejo’s Employee of the Year is Krista Oberholtzer


Krista Oberholtzer has been named the City of Mission Viejo’s Employee of the Year. 

Krista has worked as a Payroll and Accounting Technician for the last three years. Her stellar work has earned the respect of her peers and supervisors alike.  

She is charged with receiving, reviewing, verifying and processing time records to prepare payroll for all employees. Krista ensures timecards are complete, accurate and compliant with rules, regulations and City policies. She also prepares reports and payments for various tax, financial and insurance organizations.  

Krista’s most significant contribution to the City this year has been the extra effort and work she’s put in due to the coronavirus. When new forms and policies were required for payroll and human resources, Krista created forms and made all the edits with quick turnaround. New payroll activity codes and work orders were set up to track different types of leaves and eligible CARES Act costs, which increased Krista’s workload and made her role more challenging. Despite that, she has demonstrated exceptional service and teamwork during the year. Every time additional work came up in her department, Krista was always the first to step up and help in any way possible. 

“The extra time and effort consistently put in by Krista over the past eight months to review timecards to ensure they are accurate and employees are paid correctly during COVID-19 is an accomplishment and a sign of her dedication to employees,” said Andrea Pham, Krista’s supervisor.  

Genesis Hansen agrees.

“We are so grateful to Krista for all her hard work and for being so supportive of us during this crazy time,” she said. “Krista is a gem and we truly could not have gotten through the past eight months without her!”

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