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New waste and food recycling collection program for California residents begins January

recycle food waste

Over the next two months, Mission Viejo residents will receive a packet from Waste Management detailing information on new waste collection containers and the new food waste recycling program.

Beginning January 1, residents will be required to separate their food waste from trash and place all food waste in a green container, along with green waste for composting. A green container will be provided to residents toward the end of the year as part of this state-mandated program. The law also requires consistent cart colors throughout the state. All residents will have their carts swapped with the new state color requirements. The new containers will be black with a black lid for trash; blue lid for recycling; and green lid for organics (both green and food waste). Waste Management will also deliver a kitchen food-scrap pail to help you start separating your food waste at home.

Waste Management will notify residents in advance when it is their week to receive new containers. Residents will receive their new bins on their regularly scheduled collection day. Leave old containers curbside after service, as these will be removed the next day by a separate driver.

The food waste recycling program does not begin until January 1, 2022, and food waste should not be placed in the organics container until then.

Residents will also receive an automated reminder via text, email, or phone the week of your scheduled delivery. Update your account information at https://www.wm.com or through the My WM mobile application.

For more information, call 866-723-9077, email cslosangeles@wm.com or visit https://www.wm.com/us/en/support.

In addition, Waste Management will host community virtual town hall meetings at 6 pm on October 28, November 30, and December 16 to discuss this new program and answer questions. Visit home.wm.com/mission-viejo to join the meetings. No registration is required.


Submitted by Richard Daugherty on Fri, 10/08/2021 - 2:42 pm



No wonder so many people are moving to Texas. If I thought we could afford it, and put up with bugs that are so large you can put saddles on them and ride them like horses, I would consider doing so myself.

How much is this costing our various levels of government, in terms of extra "bins," collection personnel, trucks, collection time and processing, and bureaucrats to administer the whole thing? And how much will it all really matter in the long term?

I'm glad I'm old, meaning I won't have to put up with this increasing level of nonsense for much longer.

Submitted by MIchael on Fri, 10/08/2021 - 3:11 pm


My waste bin is crushed and unusable and I have told Waste Management but they tell me they can not replace it until 12/31/2021. Now that I read this story from the City, I understand why they are blowing me off. They are not going to do anything until the new bins arrive. Way to go! But oddly enough, they still "remember" to send me the monthly bill . . .

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 10/09/2021 - 6:32 pm


Do what I do and load all your trash into the recycle bin. You can research this but the recycle bin is a joke. All bins eventually go to the dump.

Submitted by John on Sun, 10/10/2021 - 11:12 am


Great. For those of us who have a zero or “negative” lot line (thanks Mission Viejo) and have to keep trash in the garage or elsewhere, this is great news.

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