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Learn how to stop the bleeding in essential classes through Mission Hospital

stop the bleed class

Residents are invited to take the free “Stop the Bleed” classes Mission Hospital is hosting through November.

Similar to how the general public learns and performs CPR, this class teaches you proper bleeding-control techniques including how to use your hands, dressings and tourniquets to stop severe bleeding.

The City of Mission Viejo has been working to expand this program through Mission Hospital’s Trauma Center to train, equip and empower school administrators, teachers, staff and community bystanders to stop active and life-threatening bleeding. This effort is the first link in the chain of survival after a traumatic event, and something the City has been practicing since first partnering with Mission Hospital last year to train City employees. More than likely, if there is an incident in our area, the person trained in this program will be the first on the scene. 

Refreshments will be served during the classes and parking validated. See this link for the available dates and times. 

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