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Sweet June needs a loving, patient home


The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center has recently received an influx of frightened, timid dogs including the adorable June.  We don't know where June has been living during her short 10-month life span, but it is obvious she has not been socialized to people.  

As a stray, sweet June came to the center absolutely terrified of everything around her, trembling at every new person and sound. She is not fear aggressive; however, and has never attempted to bite, but she definitely wants to flee when nervous. Because of the patience and extra attention from our staff and volunteers, June has improved dramatically, but she still has a ways to go. Cute little June is looking for a special person who understands her needs and will continue to be patient and loving.  We believe June will bond firmly with her person and will be a dedicated and loving dog in the right circumstances. She requires a quiet home with no children, possibly with another mellow dog to help instill some confidence in her.  

For more information about June, call 949-470-3045.

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