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Third Vision Plan Community Workshop planned for Thursday, Nov. 10

The public on Thursday is invited to a community workshop designed to establish a Vision Plan for the heart of Mission Viejo. The workshop is at 6:30 p.m. in the Saddleback Room at Mission Viejo City Hall, 200 Civic Center.

The community workshop, the third one so far, will focus on different strategies for envisioning the core area of Mission Viejo. This area includes the properties around the intersection of La Paz Road and Marguerite Parkway, and along Marguerite Parkway to the south, including the intersection of Marguerite and Oso Parkways.  The workshop will also cover alternatives that show how the strategies can work.  The strategies include community input about new experiences, activities, uses and urban design ideas garnered from the first two workshops and outreach events.

On Thursday, participants will review the strategies and alternatives and provide additional feedback.  That input will help guide the formation of the draft Vision Plan.

For more information, contact the Community Development Department at 949-470-3053 or cd@cityofmissionviejo.org.

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