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Don’t overlook the friendliest cat at the shelter


Six-year-old Kelz is probably the friendliest cat to come to the Animal Services Center.  He absolutely loves people.  

As soon as he sees someone, he runs right up and rubs on their legs until he gets attention – and if he does not get attention, he will tell you all about it.  He is extremely chatty, interactive and affectionate.  However, because he’s a black cat, he is getting overlooked at the center.  

Black cats are usually the last cat to be adopted.  We have no idea why because they are just as amazing as any of the other cats at the shelter – and in Kelz’s case, he is even more awesome that the rest.  

If you want a loving feline companion, visit www.cmvas.org to submit an adoption application for Kelz.  His adoption fee is only $20 for the approved applicant thanks to DAWG!


Submitted by Anda Bintintan on Tue, 08/18/2020 - 2:44 pm


Can we foster Keltz? We are a family of four, two adults and two children, my husband has a mild allergy to cats, but my kids are dying for a cat. If it's possible I will like to foster to see if will work for us to add a new member to our family.

Thank you.


Submitted by Cindy on Wed, 08/19/2020 - 10:42 am


I LOVE black cats - they have so much personality and are very smart.
I have been lucky enough to have had several in my long years - all with a wide range of talents that often baffled and entertained all who came across them.
I would love to bring Kelz home to my family but it looks as if he will be scooped up before I even have a chance to apply for his adoption.
Blessings to Kelz and the family who takes him in : )

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