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Mission Viejo Library expands passport service hours

passport office door

Do you need to apply for a passport? The Mission Viejo Library passport office is now open by appointment only.

Office hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30 pm to 6:45 pm and Thursday through Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm.

To schedule an appointment and view all of the processing fees and documents required to process the application, visit https://cityofmissionviejo.org/passports.


Submitted by Mimi on Fri, 07/30/2021 - 2:29 pm


I would like to renew my passport and have filled out the DS 82 app on line to be printed out. I spoke recently with the MV Library and understand that I would not need an appointment just to have my pictures taken? Can I just walk in during your service hours?
Please advise, thank you.

Submitted by John Carlson on Tue, 10/19/2021 - 11:20 am


My wife, daughter and I recently applied for expedited passports and I recently received a phone call and message requesting additional information in order to process mine. She asked for my date of birth and with all the scams and identity theft out there, I didn’t feel comfortable providing any information. Especially knowing how meticulous our applications were with details. A message stated they were going to send out a letter. Does this sound legitimate? Feel free to call me back or email. Thank you so much!

Submitted by City Staff on Tue, 10/19/2021 - 2:35 pm


Thank you for your comment about passport procedures. According to the City's passport office, the phone call you described does seem to be suspicious, given that you provided the info on the application. To verify, you may call the Department of State directly at 1-877-487-2778 or email npic@state.gov to inquire about passport application status.

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