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City rolls out new, improved website

The City of Mission Viejo successfully launched its new website that’s designed to provide the public with a one-stop shop for easily accessible news and information about family fun activities, special events, businesses, pets available for adoption and so much more.  The City has received much praise since its launch this week. 

The website at http://www.CityofMissionViejo.org contains a wealth of user-friendly features about the Mission Viejo Library, job opportunities, reporting issues, arts and culture, recreation, animal services and videos along with news and events that impact the way we live, work and play.  Folks will find the most popular items conveniently located on the homepage for easy navigation. 

The new website also includes the City’s Mission Viejo Life Blog (http://MissionViejoLife.org) on the homepage under “News” so residents, businesses and visitors alike can continue to keep their fingers on the pulse of this community by visiting one convenient site. 

Stay in tune with the community and check out the City of Mission Viejo’s new website today!


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