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You’d be lucky to have Lucky in your life

Lucky the dog

Sweet, loving, grateful and playful — just a few adjectives dog owners use to describe their senior pets.  

Lucky, a Cocker-Spaniel mix, fits this description to a T. He’s also calm, quiet, friendly and fun.  At just 8 years old, he should be considered more of an older adult than a senior, but he does qualify for the mature pet discount, giving his approved adopter a $50 discount.  Weighing in at just 15 pounds, Lucky is the perfect size to live in an apartment or townhome, and he would make a loving companion for a retired person or couple.  

Older pets need and deserve love too, so consider taking Lucky home today…it might just be the luckiest day of your life!

For more information, call 949-470-3045.


Submitted by Nancy L. Liefer on Tue, 11/06/2018 - 12:49 pm


Thank you for featuring animals for adoption. I'm an animal lover and I am aware of the dire situation for millions of animals across the country. So, when I see an entity doing something to eliviate this heart-breaking problem I feel there is still hope. Sincerest Wishes. Mission Viejo Casta del Sol Resident, Nancy L. Liefer

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The City of Mission Viejo is developing a Bikeway Master Plan to improve the cycling experience in our community and encourage more people to enjoy riding their bicycles. We are currently in the process of gathering information to understand current cycling trends and preferences in the City.

As part of this effort, beginning on November 8th and running through December 7th, we are seeking resident feedback via a short, online survey. The survey will be available on our website, in our newsletter, and via our social media sites. 

The online survey is available at https://tinyurl.com/missionviejobike, and those who participate will qualify for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

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