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Community Development

The Planning and Transportation Commission on October 9 will consider a new adventure park for the Mission Viejo Freeway Center at 25362 El Paseo.

The meeting starts at 6:30 pm in the Council Chamber at 200 Civic Center.

Did you submit your permit or plans on or before September 7?

If so, use the following links for inspections and cancelations.


All permits that were submitted online should only use the Client Self Service system. Do not use the links listed below.


The City will transition to a new land management software system on September 12 that will modernize and enhance the quality of the City’s building and permitting services.

The City of Mission Viejo has introduced an online Client Self Service system for Permit and Plan requests.  This system will help streamline the application process and allow for enhanced self service options.

Online Services Available:

Contractors can submit approved SolarAPP+ projects using the City of Mission Viejo Client Self Service.

Here are some helpful links for SolarApp+

The City of Mission Viejo continues to embrace business activity happening in town – with today’s focus on news about some auto dealerships.   

Infiniti Mission Viejo, which has been closed, reopens today at 28471 Marguerite Parkway.  

The City Council on Tuesday considered an update to the City’s Housing Element and adopted its two-year budget, among other business.

The City continues to help folks with low to moderate incomes improve their living conditions and extend the life of their homes through its Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Through the program, Mission Viejo residents can make heating, plumbing and driveway repairs. They can install new roofs, add a new coat of exterior paint to improve the home’s appearance, replace windows and doors and make energy-conservation repairs, among others.

In compliance with state law, the City of Mission Viejo is updating the Housing Element – a plan for existing and future housing needs over the next eight years.

You can join the workshop on Thursday, June 22 at 3 pm at the Norman P. Murray Center to receive an update on the status of the current Housing Element and find out how the City plans to address the state’s housing requirements for Mission Viejo. Your participation is important to help plan for Mission Viejo’s future.