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Districting Outreach & Timeline

The districting process timeline is prescribed by the California Elections Code Section 21600 in the Fair Map Act. Projected timeframe, subject to adjustment based on variable and legal requirements.    

October 30, 2021 Districting Workshop 

December 14, 2021  Power Point Presentation (Public Hearing)

December 16, 2021  District Mapping Workshop(English)   District Mapping Workshop(Spanish)

January 7, 2022       Hardcopy/Paper Maps to be delivered by noon to City Clerk’s Office.

January 9, 2022       Electronic email or faxed map submittals (including Excel file submission or PDF/picture/scanned maps) by 5:00 p.m.(districtelections@cityofmissionviejo.org /fax:949-859-1386).

January 25, 2022     Present maps and revise if needed (Public Hearing) Notice   Notice (Spanish)

February 8, 2022     Consideration of maps, revised maps, and possible map selection (Public Hearing)

February 22, 2022   If needed, final meeting to select map (Public Hearing)

March 8, 2022         Adoption of Ordinance amending the City's Municipal Code pertaining to elections


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