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12.08.060. Oversized vehicle parking regulations.

No person shall park and leave standing upon any public street or highway within the city limits of the City of Mission Viejo any motor vehicle of a length in excess of 25 feet or a weight in excess of 10,000 pounds; also prohibited from being parked on public streets and highways within the city limits of the City of Mission Viejo is any vehicle used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit, and designed, and used, or maintained for the transportation of property, including buses, motor trucks, trailers, semitrailers, trailer coaches or truck tractors as defined in the Vehicle Code and similar vehicles of a width in excess of 90 inches as measured at the widest portion of the body not including mirrors or other extensions; or any item of farm machinery or special purpose machine. Prohibited vehicles may be parked on public streets and highways while loading or unloading persons and/or property; or when such vehicle is parked in connection with, or in aid of the performance of a service to or on a property in the block in which such vehicle is parked; or to perform repairs of an emergency nature on the motor vehicle itself, for a maximum of 72 consecutive hours. Loading and unloading as used in this section shall mean active loading or unloading, including the performance of those activities required to prepare the vehicle for either travel or storage, and shall also include a period of time not to exceed 12 hours during which the vehicle cannot reasonably be taken on the road or moved to a place of otherwise lawful storage.

(Ord. No. 88-12, § 5(6-4-606), 6-27-88; Ord. No. 95-150, § 1, 11-27-95; Ord. No. 95-154, § 1, 12-11-95)


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