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9.10.020 (b) (5) (B) Prohibited Home Occupation Standards

(5) Home occupations. The following provisions are intended to allow for the conduct of home enterprises that are incidental to and compatible with surrounding residential uses. A home occupation represents a legal income-producing activity by the occupant of the dwelling.

b. Prohibited home occupation uses. The following list presents example uses that are not incidental to or compatible with residential activities, and are therefore prohibited:

(i) Adult business.

(ii) Barber and beauty shop.

(iii) Businesses that entail the harboring, training, breeding, raising, or grooming of dogs, cats, or other animals on the premises.

(iv) Carpentry and cabinet making.

(v) Dance club/night club.

(vi) Fortunetelling (psychic).

(vii) Furniture refinishing.

(viii) Gun/rifle shop.

(ix) Limousine service.

(x) Medical and dental offices, clinics, and laboratories.

(xi) Mini storage.

(xii) Nursery (horticulture).

(xiii) Photographic studio.

(xiv) Printing.

(xv) Repair, fix-it, or plumbing shop.

(xvi) Silk screening.

(xvii) Swimming classes.

(xviii) Storage of equipment, materials, and other accessories for the construction and service trades.

(xix) Storage, parking, or dispatching of emergency repair or towing vehicles, and/or equipment.

(xx) Vehicle repair (body or mechanical), upholstery, automobile detailing and painting.

(xxi) Welding and machining.

(xxii) Any other use determined by the director not to be incidental to or compatible with residential activities.

(Ord. No. 98-193, ยงยง 1--4, 10-19-98)