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9.29.105 Purpose

The purpose of this chapter is to establish guidelines and standards for the uniform regulation of signs and sign structures so as to assure adequate identification of businesses and other activities, as well as to maintain or improve the quality of the visual environment within the City of Mission Viejo. The procedures and regulations of this chapter are enacted to:

(a) Ensure that signs erected within the city are compatible with their surroundings and are in keeping with the goals and objectives of the general plan of the city.

(b) Aid in the identification of properties, land uses and businesses.

(c) Promote commerce, traffic safety, and community identity while also promoting and enhancing the quality of the visual environment of the city.

(d) Protect and enhance property values.

(e) Lessen the objectional effects of competition in the placement and size of signs.

(f) Reduce hazards to motorists and pedestrians.

(g) Avoid visual clutter.

(h) Provide procedures and standards to control the location, size, type, number, and all other matters pertaining to signs within the city.

(Ord. No. 98-193, ยงยง 1--4, 10-19-98)