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9.29.200 Permits Required

A sign permit shall be required prior to the placement, movement, erection, reconstruction, alteration, or new display of any commercial sign unless expressly exempt by this division. All signs, except where expressly exempt, shall conform to the current Uniform Building and Electrical Codes as adopted by the City of Mission Viejo.

The approval of a planned sign program shall be required prior to application for a sign permit for the following requests:

(a) A request for a new freestanding sign, a change in character or number of wall signs, or the replacement of any sign in any existing development.

(b) A request for any signs for new commercial, industrial, business park, shopping center, or any other new development for which a planned development permit is required.

(c) A request for any freestanding sign, except where expressly exempt.

(d) A request for any community identification sign.

(e) A request for any automobile service station sign.

(f) A request for exposed neon tubing signs, raceways, canopies, or lit fascia panels with or without copy.

(g) A request for a logo or special graphic depicting a pictorial representation of thought or idea.

(h) A request for any sign copy in a language other than English.

(i) A request for a sign which does not conform to all specific regulations of this division.

(Ord. No. 98-193, ยงยง 1--4, 10-19-98)