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Bird freed from fishing line prompts reminder to be careful of our wildlife

bird rescue

A bird caught in fishing line was freed this week thanks to a Mission Viejo Animal Services Officer and caring lifeguards at the lake. 

Officer Galeano responded to a call from Lake Mission Viejo lifeguards regarding a bird that appeared to have a broken leg. Once on scene, the officer discovered the bird, an American coot, was having a tough time walking thanks to fishing line wrapped tightly around its leg. With tender care, the officer cut away the fishing line and noticed the coot was OK. It quickly returned to its cover. 

When fishing, remember to properly dispose of used line. Improperly discarding fishing line can cause detrimental effects on wildlife. Even a small amount of discarded line can easily entangle birds or animals and often embed in the animal’s limbs requiring surgical removal.

Fun Fact: Coots are also known as mud hens, and groups of coots are known as covers or rafts. Coots are native to Orange County and can be spotted by their distinctive white bill and green feet.


Submitted by Kris Diller on Sat, 02/09/2019 - 12:36 pm


I like to read stories about people showing tender loving care toward animals. Thank you to the lifeguards who made the call & to the animal control officer who freed this little coot's foot!

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