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Caring Fairies return to Mission Viejo’s Oso Creek Trail Nov. 3

Caring Fairies

Have you heard of the Caring Fairies? These magical beings will return to the Oso Creek Trail on November 3, turning a 1-mile swath into a whimsical place of hidden fairy houses and other delights amid the tree trunks. Their return coincides with the Artisan Faire from 10 am to 4 pm at the Potocki Center for the Arts, 27301 La Paz Road.

In preparation of their return, the Caring Fairies have been building new homes for the Thanksgiving harvest festivities and a magical Christmas holiday season. Along with being dotted along the lower Oso Creek Trail, the houses can be seen at Fairy Village located at the Potocki Center for the Arts.

Mark your calendar for November 3 to welcome back the fairies and pick up your own fairy map.  Be sure to also join the fairies for the 2nd Annual Magical Christmas Fairy Home Illumination Event on Friday, December 6 from 4-7:30 pm at the center. For more information, visit http://www.thecaringfairies.com.

If you want to make your own fairy home or garden, check out our fun fall and winter classes below.  Cost is $35 plus a $10 material fee payable to instructor.  For more information, call 949-470-8470.

Fall Fairy Home Workshop
October 26, 10 am - Noon
Course #44702

Thanksgiving Themed Fairy Garden Workshop
November 9, 10 am – Noon
Course #44703

Thanksgiving Themed Fairy Home Workshop
November 23, 10 am – Noon
Course #44704

Holiday Themed Fairy Garden Workshop
December 7, 10 am – Noon 
Course #45081

Holiday Themed Fairy Home Workshop
December 14, 10 am – Noon
Course #45082

Magical Fairy Garden Workshop
January 4, 10 am – Noon 
Course #45083

Magical Fairy Home Workshop
February 8, 10 am – Noon 
Course #45084


Submitted by City Staff on Tue, 12/31/2019 - 6:01 pm


The Caring Fairies are leaving the Oso Creek Trail on January 4, 2020. We hope you will be able to get out and see them before they depart.

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