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City of Mission Viejo to host Give-and-Take Drive-Through Food Pantry May 2 & 4

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In an effort to help residents impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and give others a chance to give back, the City is hosting a Give-and-Take Drive-through Food Pantry in May.

On Saturday, May 2, the City will collect food donations from 9-11 am at the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center. Donations sought include peanut butter, pasta and pasta sauce; cereal, rice; hearty soups; and other food items listed at this link.  You can take part by placing food items in your trunk, driving up and simply popping your trunk for staff who will collect the items. You will stay in your vehicle, and social-distancing guidelines will be followed.

Then on Monday, May 4 from 9-11 am, the City will host the Drive-Through Food Pantry where people will pull up, pop their trunks and a bag of food will be placed in their trunks (while supplies last).

“We designed this event to help the individuals and families struggling to put food on the table during this crisis as well as give our community the opportunity to help those in need,” said Recreation and Community Services Manager Lydie Gutfeld.

The Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center is located at 24932 Veterans Way. For more information about additional City food drives in May, contact 949-470-3061 or fitness@cityofmissionviejo.org.


Submitted by Pam Houseknecht on Thu, 04/30/2020 - 6:34 pm


The drive through food donations no contact drop off is a wonderful idea! I will definitely participate and pray that enough food is collected to help all those in need.

Submitted by Bonnie Lippincott on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 1:00 pm


Great idea . . . but I wish the date was a little farther out, or you'd told us sooner.

I have been shopping once a week and only buying what I need for my husband and me. I do have some non-perishable food, but not enough to share at this time.

Please, do this again and give us at least a week's notice. Being in the at-risk category we are staying home and staying safe.

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