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new civic core area design

Mission Viejo has rolled out a new community communication campaign – “COME PLAY IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD” – to connect the community to exciting information, events, and current and future details about the heart of Mission Viejo. 

This campaign features the updated Envisionmv.com website, which boasts all imagery and studies that have been produced and will be created for the Core Area Vision Plan. These plans and studies continue to support and reinforce a more connected Mission Viejo.  

Envisionmv.com showcases the Core Area Vision Project video “LOS OSOS” that features the concept for this critical central gathering place at the former Stein Mart property. The video highlights the North Paseo, Entertainment Plaza, Urban Alley, North Paseo Bridge and Plaza, Lower Entertainment Plaza, Marguerite Parkway Overlook and Special Event Glass Barn.  

The website includes an updated Civic Core tab for the proposed design that provides community members with detailed information about the vision plan. This section of the website also features a proposed schedule highlighting the many planned opportunities the public can access and provide input. 

A “Resource” tab features past studies and will include all future studies. Check back often as this section is updated. The EnvisionMV “Button” has also been added to the MV Life App to improve access to all the amazing things happening along the Oso Creek and in the North Paseo. 

The realization of the Vision Plan is a long-term process and plan to implement the desires of the community. The central theme continues to be connectivity to the more than 200 acres of open space located in the heart of Mission Viejo.  


Submitted by Heather Armes on Thu, 04/20/2023 - 10:35 pm


Our fingers are crossed that this can become a reality...hope it's not full of more fast food places. :-( Fine or casual healthy niche dining places, and micro-brewery, like cool places found in most other cities (Orange, Costa Mesa, Carlsbad...to name just a few). It would be so wonderful! Thank you to those making the effort to update MV!

Submitted by City Staff on Fri, 04/21/2023 - 1:39 pm


Thank you for your comment on the News page and interest in the “COME PLAY IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD” campaign. The City of Mission Viejo has plans to present the concept to the Planning and Transportation Commission and the Community Services Commission and the City Council throughout the next six months to gain approval so the first phase of the project can proceed, and this timetable is available through the following link:


Submitted by Arezou Raissi on Tue, 04/25/2023 - 12:52 am


My family and friends are eagerly waiting to see thIs finished project. I second the previous comment from Ms Eileen Roth, in that I hope the city targets vendors/service providers who are more full service and stay away from any additional fast food options for this area. Also, the growing adult population in our community is craving gathering places (with benches/seating) where they can come together beyond daytime hours. Currently this clientele is drawn to Aliso Viejo, Ladera Ranch, RSM or as far as Irvine. You only have to scroll through the Mission Viejo Connection page on Facebook to see the comments. I look forward to enjoying many of the establishments in Los Osos that provide dining and shopping hours past 10pm, especially during weekends. Thank you for your consideration.

Submitted by Scott Arthur on Tue, 10/10/2023 - 3:47 pm


I support the improvement on the OSO Creek trail to date. For the proposed improvements:

1) How will they be payed for?
I do not support any supplamental taxes.
2) Based on the scale I am underwhelmed by the clarity/ quality of the presentations. It is very hard to distinguish where it is relative to existing buildings and lansdacape.
3) What water way improvements will there be? Frankly the flow of water in your presentations is prominent; is it misleading?
I suggest more open natural space toward the golf course.
4) I am not clear on what the vision is for the area past the tunnel and including the golf course.
5) What is happening below Curtis and the other parks on the bluff? Need details.

Submitted by City Staff on Wed, 10/11/2023 - 9:25 am


Thank you for your comment and interest in this event about the LOS OSOS project. At the event this afternoon, the project dimensions will be taped on the ground and several groups of walking tours will include detailed information about all the aspects. We'll see you there!

Submitted by City Staff on Tue, 10/17/2023 - 11:36 am


Thank you for your comment on the News page and interest in the project. The City of Mission Viejo is working through the financing and considering alternatives, but none of the alternatives anticipate a taxing structure. The area for the LOS OSOS project is only the existing Steinmart building and parcel. If you visit https://envisionmv.com/ and review the “RESOURCES” page you will find all of the reports and presentations which depict the project limits.

The City will be cleaning up the banks of the creek to meet environmental regulations, but that is as far as the scope of the improvements to the creek. The flow of water varies at different times of the year but there is flow throughout the year. In fact, if you walk the area currently you will find an abundance of flow to create sound and make it a great environment to enjoy.

Your other questions are not related to the CORE area, but the relevant info is as follows. The “NORTH OPENSPACE” area north of the tunnel currently is identified as open space with the continuation of the Oso Creek Trail. The only other items approved in NORTH OPENSPACE currently are a trailhead with parking, a small café/restroom, and an improved access trail and road down to the flat area. There are other ideas that the community has discussed, but nothing has been approved by the City Council other than the items noted above.

Thanks again for your interest and hopefully this helps to answer your questions.

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