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Commissioners Appointed to Serve Mission Viejo for Next Two Years

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The City Council on Tuesday unanimously appointed 16 residents to serve on the City's Planning and Transportation Commission, Community Services Commission and Investment Advisory Commission.  

The commissions, except the seven-member Community Services Commission, are comprised of five members appointed by the City Council for 2-year terms.   

The appointments include: 

Community Services Commission 

  • Patricia “Tricia” Gonsowski 
  • Cathy Allen 
  • Josh Vecchione 
  • Pam Smith 
  • Victoria Avery 
  • Ron Ruef 
  • Debbie Ruesch 

Investment Advisory Commission 

  • Edward Rosenblatt 
  • Richard Steinhoff 
  • Elizabeth Pagliarini 
  • Brent Cranmer

Planning and Transportation Commission  

  • Robert Breton 
  • Peter Molinari  
  • Joseph Blum 
  • Andrew Quinio 
  • Robert Ruesch 

For more information about the duties of the commissions and when they meet, visit https://cityofmissionviejo.org/departments/commissions-committees.

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