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Consider donating during National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week kicks off today to recognize shelters and hard-working people providing care to millions of displaced animals in America.   

Proudly serving five cities, the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, which is a pro-humane shelter, finds new homes for homeless pets but also rescues injured and abused animals; transfers injured wildlife to rehabilitation facilities; reunites lost pets with their families; educates our residents about animal care; and much more.    

According to reports, there are about 70 million stray animals in the U.S. and up to eight million end up in the 3,500 animal shelters across the country. On average, the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center takes in more than 2,000 animals a year. Whether in our facility or the community, the center works to ensure the needs of all animals are met.

If you want to help our shelter this week, consider donating items from our wish list. New volunteers are also always welcome and sought. For more information, call 949-470-3045.


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