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County launches SafeDineOC COVID-Safe Restaurant Campaign

waitress wearing mask serving outside

The County of Orange has launched a new SafeDineOC COVID-Safe Restaurant Campaign to incentivize OC restaurants to follow California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Restaurant owners may apply for a $1,000 grant per Orange County restaurant location for taking steps to create a COVID-safe environment for their customers and employees. The grant will reimburse restaurants for purchases of personal protective equipment including face masks, cleaning products, employee training and costs for physical distancing of tables and chairs, etc.

The SafeDineOC campaign is sponsored by the County and managed by Orange County Business Council (OCBC), which will accept and approve qualified applications as well as disburse $1,000 grants to restaurant owners. Through its database, the OC Health Care Agency will promote the campaign.

Restaurants that apply and are approved will be added to a list of COVID-safe eateries organized by city that will be available to consumers on the SafeDineOC website. This online resource will let the public see which restaurants offer a safe dining experience in Orange County.

Eateries applying for the program must meet all qualifications verified by OCBC. Funds will be distributed within 45 days. All restaurants must submit receipts for CARES ACT-qualified purchases for final reimbursement grant payment on purchases made March 1 to September 30, 2020. 

For more information about SafeDineOC, visit www.safedineoc.com


Submitted by Kristin Genereux on Fri, 08/07/2020 - 4:40 pm


The SafeDineOC website is a great idea, but doesn't appear to have a link to a listing for the restaurants that have completed this program. I get that the program is just starting, but even a 'pending, coming soon' section would be helpful. I'm very interested in supporting businesses that have gone through the extra steps to make sure we are safe! :-)
Thanks so much.

Submitted by Denise P Quinton on Sat, 08/08/2020 - 7:19 am


I do believe O C was overly ambitious with outside pop up dining in parking lots and that is so unsanitary I havent even been tempted to eat in any of the locations outside. That is where germs are. But inside restaurants which I frequent are all meticulous, well run and able to operate their restaurants. This sudden need to control everything in our lives is overwhelming and I quite frankly think putting everything outside to please the governor and we have exactly 40 cases of COVID in M V. We cannot base the cases in LA and close our entire city down for that reason. Our quaint beautiful city has become pop up tents just like the homeless camps in SF, a nightmare!

Submitted by Kaydee on Sat, 08/08/2020 - 10:02 am


To the person with the comment about germs being outdoors, the reason we should be eating outdoors at this time is because there is less air circulation indoors and that means the germs you are worried about get trapped and increase over time. You are basically breathing in other people’s germs. Outside, the air is more “diluted”. There might be more dust/dirt in the air, but not as many germs that can get you sick. I don’t like eating outside in general, so I will just wait until things go back to normal, it’s not that important to me.

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