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Coyote incident reported at Oso Lake Scout Camp


On June 12 at 9 am, Mission Viejo Animal Services (MVAS) received a call from a camp ranger at Oso Lake Scout Camp in Rancho Santa Margarita reporting that three teens were involved in an incident with a coyote on Friday night, June 11 at 11:40 pm. 

The three children were taken to Mission Hospital at approximately 1:15 am for treatment.

MVAS has interviewed the victims and has obtained statements from witnesses and employees of the camp. An Animal Services Investigations Officer is currently working with California Department of Fish and Wildlife Game Wardens in collecting additional DNA evidence, and educating camp staff about safe camping practices in wilderness areas.

MVAS is working closely with the City of Rancho Santa Margarita and CA Fish and Wildlife to identify the coyote involved.

For more information on living with wildlife, visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.


Submitted by Jimbo on Thu, 09/02/2021 - 6:28 pm


I guess the politically correct word for coyote attacks are now "incidents". And, now Oso Reservoir is considered to be the "wilderness"? Give me a break, it's surrounded by houses on all sides.

Those kids are going to be in for a series of painful shots to protect them from possible exposure to rabies.

This failure in public safety is squarely on Mission Viejo Animal Services and the Department of Fish and game.

Neither of them take controlling the coyote population seriously. People have been complaining for years about coyote's killing their pets.

Last year two people were bitten by coyotes in the Jeronimo open space. I suppose that's considered "wilderness" too.

Since the Palmia Senior Community had a mountain lion removed a few years back, my house is probably in the "wilderness" as well.

Due to the laws, there's not much you can do about mountain lions. But, coyotes are another matter.

When they get brazen enough to start attacking humans, it's time to start culling the herd.

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