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Eagle Scout projects continue to benefit Mission Viejo

Owen Ivory and scouts planting

With more than 50 parks and vast open space, Mission Viejo has long been committed to the environment and aesthetics of this pristine community. Local scouts take pride in helping to enhance our City through planting and landscaping projects.  In fact, many scouts throughout the summer completed Eagle Scout projects that benefited our City.

Here’s a summary:

Armed with 30 volunteers, Luke Bowman of Troop #1602 planted 1,000 one-gallon plants along the slope area of Trabuco Road between Via Bahia and Via San Gabriel.

Seth Hansen of Troop #730 rallied about 20 volunteers to install 100 lineal feet of lodge-pole fencing near the playground at Cordova Park.

For Youssef Shoukry’s project at Applegate Park on Olympiad Road, 15 volunteers helped this scout from Troop #659 install 200 Iceberg Rose plants and five pallets of decorative rock in a large planter area of the park.

Like a master conductor, Joseph Abdelmalek of Troop #659 led 20 volunteers in planting 760 plants at the trail entry near the Potocki Center for the Arts.

Jacob Tung of Troop #121 gathered 45 volunteers to install decorative rock in several planter areas of the parking lot at Florence Joyner Olympiad Park.

Along the Oso Creek Trail, Trevor Millard of Troop #973 with 40 volunteers planted more than 500 plants and six trees behind baseball field #5.

Tyler Peterson of Troop #793 and his volunteers installed 100 linear feet of lodge pole fencing at Cordova Park.

Roughly 45 volunteers joined David Engle of Troop #748 in planting 800 plants on the slope area along Via Noveno near Los Alisos.

Arthur Barney of Troop #608 and 30 volunteers braved the heat to plant 1,000 plants at Lakeside Park at Alicia and Marguerite parkways.

Owen Ivory of Troop #730 and his faithful band of volunteers planted 700 plants and 12 trees along a large stretch of the Oso Creek.

Each of these projects helps keep our community beautiful; saves the City thousands of dollars in labor; and puts these future leaders in line for the highest scouting rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America. It’s said that only 5 percent of all scouts achieve this rank, and the City is grateful for having a hand in helping these scouts to soar with Eagles. 

For more information, call the Public Services Department at 949-470-3095.

Jacob Tung and volunteers


Submitted by Bob Morris on Thu, 09/19/2019 - 8:52 pm


I was a first class Scout over 60 years ago. I spent a month once at Philmont Ranch. It's great to see that Scout's are active in the community. Keep up the good work!!

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