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Escape Room coming to Mission Viejo and more!

people in escape room

Nerdy by Nature Escape Room 

The City’s Planning Commission recently approved an application to permit an “escape room” entertainment business to locate in the Alicia Business Center at 24002 Via Fabricante, Suite 206. Nerdy by Nature Escape Room will provide a fun, inquisitive, and challenging experience and will test your resourcefulness and team building skills to escape a simulated precarious situation.  Stay tuned for an opening date sometime this summer.

Little France Coffee & Bakery

Pastry chef enthusiasts with more than 15 years of experience have opened Little France Coffee & Bakery at 28181 Marguerite Parkway, across from Saddleback College. They specialize in coffee, various bakery items, pastries and sandwiches, served during breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., seven days a week. Patrons can look forward to authentic French pastries, such as croissants and eclairs. Breakfast includes Croque-Monsieur sandwiches and lunch ranges from baguette and croissant sandwiches to sweet and savory crepes. The owners originally relocated from France and have brought their passion of baking as well as their expertise as awarding-winning chefs to all that they do at Little France Coffee & Bakery.

Eat Street Kitchen

Eat Street Kitchen has opened recently for breakfast and lunch, Tuesday through Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The restaurant features Executive Chef/Instructor, Katie Averill, cooking up breakfast dishes with a twist, such as “The Cloud” oatmeal souffle made to order, and various other sandwiches paired with either tots or fries. A reworking of a tuna sandwich, “The Catch,” has sixteen ingredients and is served on thick country bread. Averill trained at the California Culinary Academy and graduated with honors and has apprenticed for many renowned chefs in Southern California and Las Vegas. She has a passion for cooking, instructing, writing food reviews and has been featured in several articles. Eat Street is located at 28251 Marguerite Parkway (also across from Saddleback College). 

Smart Cups

Smart Cups produces all its beverage products using an innovative, patented process of affixing microencapsulated ingredients (dehydrated liquid) on the inside of a disposable cup, for later addition of liquid into which the ingredients dissolve to create the final product.   

Smart Cups currently manufactures non-alcoholic beverage products, like healthy energy and coffee drinks and with recent Planning Commission approval, Smart Cups can now produce alcoholic beverage products, such as various cocktails (margaritas, cosmopolitans, Moscow mules, etc.). The Commission unanimously approved the project and commended the applicant for keeping his operations in Mission Viejo. 

Other new businesses that have recently opened in town:

Jolly Berry Law, Inc – 27792 Vista Del Lago

Life of Martial Arts – 23062 Alicia Parkway

Encore Auto Group – 25950 Acero

The UPS Store – 27525 Puerta Real

Junior Jiu-Jitsu Academy – 27071 Cabot

Mane Beauty Lounge – 27001 La Paz

Brown Sugar (skin care) – 26361 Crown Valley Parkway      

Coquette Chronicles – The Shops at Mission Viejo

Roham Optic – The Shops at Mission Viejo


Submitted by Carolyn Kruebbe on Thu, 05/30/2019 - 7:27 pm


This kind of info is SO great to have. Unless I drive by the area, I won't know about changes/additions like these to our great city. Please keep articles like this coming in our regular newsletters.

I'm especially excited about the Escape Room. Our family LOVES doing them. How cool it will be to have one in our back yard.

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